And it was that the Second Sun came…
and the nights grew lighter,
and the days grew hotter.
Lakes turned to deserts, forests to deadlands…
and the air grew thick.

Welcome to Umbril, a world torn apart by it’s inhabitants efforts to save themselves from an Armageddon.

Ages ago there appeared a second sun in the sky of Umbril – though it went by a different name at the time. This second sun made the days grow longer and warmer. It wasn’t long before the people of the world knew that their time was short if they did not do something. A council was formed – a council of mages. Mostly humans and elves, they put out the word across every known land – a call for others who could harness magic together in an effort to save their planet.

This call was answered and soon the council had grown to hundreds. Wizards, sorcerers, witches, shamans and all manner of spellcaster worked together to find a solution.

But that much power combined was more than the world could handle – and in their attempts to save it, they sundered it in two.

What’s left of the world lives under the protection of what was destroyed, as the survivors of the Sundering escaped to the new world waiting below them and the shell of the old world orbits around them.

Shattered World